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Summer Lovin’ : Othello Mid Columbia Engagement Portraits

Andrea and Adam are just gorgeous, inside and out. But, when I heard they had an in with an exclusive private hunting preserve near Othello, Wash. you could say I was beyond excited. I’ve only see this preserve from afar, so I couldn’t wait to photograph it up close.

When we first arrived there I was delighted to discover an old concrete irrigation pipeline running through the lakes. What a dramatic way to get an overall view of the landscape. I had to stand back and admire the couple’s moxie because they were all for getting images from the very top. You see, I’m pretty fearless when it comes to doing what it takes to get the picture. There are places I’ve been and things I’ve done in my career as a professional photographer that would blow your hair back, and you can bet I haven’t told my mom about even half of them. But if there’s one thing I’m a bit of a chicken about, it’s heights. God made me short for a reason. But hey, you do what it takes right? At least I wasn’t in six inch platform heels like Andrea.

The session sure started out with a bang, and it only got better from there. The light! The light! Oh my goodness the light! I about had a heart attack over it at least a dozen times. Even better, the two are just so in love, and it was such a joy just to photograph them. And because Adam’s family are local farmers, we finished the session at one of their nearby potato fields just as the sun was setting and the dust from the dirt road was settling over it. Perfection defined!

I can’t wait for their orchard wedding this June. Best wishes you two!

Julie Saraceno - January 14, 2012 - 12:12 pm

Beautiful! You are right and the light is gorgeous.

Sandy Summers Russell - January 14, 2012 - 9:49 pm

Thank you Julie!