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Barns and Baby Bumps : Sunnyside Maternity Photography

Oh my goodness! Can you believe it’s already a brand new year? Happy 2012 everyone!

I’m so looking forward to this year. If it’s anything like last year I’m in for a quite a ride. I can’t wait to discover all the beautiful images that are going to be created during the next twelve months. I feel like each and every one is a blessing, and I’m so thankful to my clients who are my muse and my inspiration for every image I create. Without you these pictures would never have come to life. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!

What better way to start off a new year than with a new blog post. You’ve probably been wondering what’s taking me so long as it’s been months since my last post. Let me tell you, in the fall of 2010 I had a newborn baby to take care of, but it didn’t feel half as busy as the fall of 2011. You all kept me hopping! I’ve got so many beautiful sessions to share as a result so keep a look out.

Meet the lovely Bre and her husband Jarred. I was really excited to find out she wanted to do her maternity portrait session at a rustic barn. I spent quite awhile driving around the area checking out good spots. I saw this old hop drying barn and knew it would be striking to photograph.

No one was home but a lone tiny kitten on the front porch when I stopped by the first time. So I dug through my car for a blank piece of paper, and I left my business card and a note in their front door asking permission to use the location the following week. Of course, in the country not everyone uses their front door on a regular basis, so I dusted off my old journalism skills and tracked down a phone number to call them a few days later. Not only did they not think I was a crazy stalker, but they were more than willing to let me use their beautiful property for this portrait session. Let that be a lesson, don’t be afraid to cold call someone if you find a location you really love. Most people are more than willing to help you out.

Stay tuned for the newborn session. These two made one stinking cute baby!

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