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Little Miss Sunshine : Kennewick Child Photographer

It’s probably pretty obvious, I’m mean jeez look what I named my business,  that my favorite season of the year isn’t winter. That’s right, it’s summer! And it’s finally here!! Good bye dreary cold winter and rainy windy spring!

I love everything about summer here in Eastern Washington. The golden light, the warm summer breeze, those little bugs that fly up out of the grass and make sun motes in the late afternoon light, wearing sundresses, and of course, cool sunglasses. I could ramble on all day. But, what I love the most about summer is, to me, the season is about childhood. School’s out, nothing to do but soak in the sun, and go on a grand adventure.

Enter Little Miss Sunshine the lovely Kaelynn. I can’t think of a better little girl to help us celebrate the wonder that is childhood and summer. I’ve been photographing her since she was a teeny, tiny, roly-poly little newborn. Here she is just past her second birthday.

I know I’ve said it at least a hundred times, but it amazing to be given the opportunity of capturing images of a child as they grow. They change so much and so quickly. One minute they’re a tiny swaddled bundle the nurse puts in your arms, and the next they’re running, wild pigtails flying, and you can hardly catch your breath just watching them. Oh goodness.  I better stop there before I get even more teary eyed. My daughter, Addie, learned to crawl this week and I think I’m a little emotional about it.

So without further ado, enjoy this little slice of childhood summer, the adorable Kaelynn.



Faith - June 24, 2011 - 4:32 pm

Gorgeous as always!

Brigita - June 25, 2011 - 12:35 am

beautiful session

Brandis of HEARTdot™ - June 30, 2011 - 1:43 pm

these are all so beautiful! the light was perfect 😉