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Third Birthday

My beautiful, bright, and shining boy, you came into this world three years ago with a bang, and you haven’t slowed down since.  Every day you amaze me as I watch you grow and play and evolve from a tiny newborn into an exuberant little boy. You’ve made me not just a better person, but a better artist. You are my inspiration, my muse, and my joy.  You are my reason for coming back to photography when I believed that path was completed.

How your world will be turned upside down so very soon.  Your baby sister is just around the corner.  My heart both aches for you and soars for you. You’ve been our world for so long, how will it change you? How will it change us?

For now though, it is still us three, numbered like the years from your birth. This day is yours: happy birthday Mason Ray.