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Welcome Baby Henry : Kennewick Newborn Photographer

I don’t tend to shoot vertical photos. I guess you could say I’m a horizontal photographer. I like horizontal photographs. I think that’s the way the eye naturally sees things. Back when I was a newspaper photographer, the design editors who laid out the page every night, would practically drop over dead if I handed them a vertical photo. “Are you feeling OK?” they’d ask. “Is it my birthday?” You see, page designers love vertical photos because it’s easier to build an interesting page around it.

Ironically, now with my own business, shooting vertically has been something I’ve really been striving for. Portraits often look great as verticals, and so many card designs and albums work better with vertical photos. Plus, it’s important to push yourself and shoot things in a way you might not have normally.

Case in point: my session this week with a gorgeous new family. Alaina and Matthew welcomed me into their home to photograph their new little cutie pie, Henry. There was so much love in their home, and I wanted to do my best to show that. Guess what. I did it with verticals! Well, not all verticals, but I did try to mix it up a bit more. In the end, many of my favorite photos from the session where not vertically challenged. So enjoy!