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First Year Baby Plan : Moses Lake Award Winning Newborn Photography

The funny thing about kids is that they’re always growing. It seems like you turn around, and they’ve not only eaten all the good food in your fridge, but they’ve also out grown the shoes and super cute outfit you just bought for them.

Sure, that first twelve months are so dramatic with how much a baby changes, but even older siblings aren’t standing still. You may not notice it as much when you’re with them everyday, but looking back at photos taken just a few months ago show that, yes, your little boy is looking more like, well a boy, and not a baby. When did he stretch out? And maybe your little girl has already moved on from that sweet tiny smile she gave you first thing in the morning, and now she’s non stop on the go morning till night. Because that’s the thing, kids are always growing and changing, and it’s important to not forget even a moment of their childhood.

That why I always invite older siblings to take part in the photo shoots of my first year baby plans. There’s no higher calling for me than to document the miracle of childhood, and that special connection only siblings have.

newborn with older siblings portrait Moses Lake Kennewick baby photography

outdoor brother and sister portrait with antique bed in Moses Lake Washington

year old baby with older siblings in blooming apple orchard near Kennewick Washington